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Tollys and Gustave Roussy Enter into New Research Agreement

Tollys and Gustave Roussy Enter into New Research Agreement | Pharmtech Focus

Tollys, a biopharmaceutical company developing TL-532, the first anti-cancer immunotherapy based on a synthetic toll-like receptor 3 (TLR3) specific agonist, today announces that it has entered into a sponsored research agreement with Gustave Roussy, the leading cancer center in Europe.

Professor Guido Kroemer’s team will evaluate the effects of TL-532 in the context of FPR1 deficiency using methods similar to those recently published in the original research article entitled ‘A TLR3 Ligand reestablishes chemotherapeutic responses in the context of FPR1 deficiency’. These studies were conducted with polyinosinic: polycytidylic acid (pIC), a research grade TLR3 agonist. In comparison with agonists of TLR 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, only the TLR3 agonist pIC was able to restore deficient chemotherapeutic responses in mice lacking FPR1, suggesting a personalized strategy for compensating for the FPR1 defect with a TLR3 agonist.

TL-532 is developed by Tollys and is a specific TLR3 agonist with a defined 70 base pair sequence of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), produced by chemical synthesis, which can meet today’s quality manufacturing standards for new molecular entities.

“We are very eager to show that TL-532 can restore deficient chemotherapeutic responses in the model of Prof Kroemer’s team, because FPR1 deficiency is a common genetic disorder and there is a good chance that, in the future, patients with FPR1 deficiency may derive critical benefits from a treatment with TL-532,” said Vincent Charlon, CEO of Tollys.


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