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Margryt Fennema

Margryt Fennema

Margryt Fennema

Entrepreneurial health scientist with a taste for art, always curious and inquisitive. I observe, learn and work with full commitment to reach my goal. I like to start and develop new projects from scratch.

Completed 3 studies in arts, design research & innovation and public health. Developed two medical products together with patients. Sold and auctioned my artwork internationally, working with craft-oriented companies, tech, nonprofits, and authors. Founded 2 companies. Learned how to build a business from the ground up and get things done. Learned how to keep it together in tough times. Built and led a team of 20.

Working in science and leading product design & development and marketing, I learned from the most intelligent and passionate people. I help others in their journey as a mentor and advisor. People know me as a persistent person that values time with family, friends and the people I work with – which I can confidently say are crucial drivers in my professional steps.