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Friday, January 27, 2023

Pilloxa Launches the First Plug-and-play Platform to Create Apps to Connect Patients with Pharma and HCPs

Digital health company Pilloxa today announced the launch of their new product offering, a cloud-hosted solution for pharmaceutical companies and medical research teams to engage patients and learn from them. Through creating branded programs within Pilloxa’s patient-facing mobile app, the customer can provide patients with a customized experience for a fraction of the average cost while generating valuable data insights. Pilloxa’s new product offering will innovate the market with standardized pricing to fit patient support programs and clinical research budgets of all sizes.

Pilloxa’s platform allows the customer to become the innovator themselves and accelerate patient-centric learnings. Through the platform, the customer chooses the modules that they would like to include in their own patient-facing mobile app program, including medication support, adherence dashboards, and even interactive learning material on the medication and treatment journey. The customer also provides the content, allowing them to fully brand the material to the extent they wish and allowing them to form a valuable relationship with patients. If the customer wishes to further support adherence for patients with medication in pill form, Pilloxa’s original smart pillbox can still be connected to the app as well.

“Creating your own program within the integrated Pilloxa mobile app establishes a link to patients to provide value and collect data for driving innovation,” explains Pilloxa CEO Francesco Mazzotta. “By analyzing engagement within the patient-facing app through Pilloxa’s web interface, the customer can iterate as often as they like by making changes to the app to deliver value and become the leading expert on their unique patient population. Furthermore, all patient functionality is always included and new modules are constantly introduced – to ensure patient value throughout the lifespan of the program”.

Further innovating their vertical within their industry, Pilloxa is clear in their standardized, flat-fee pricing. The customer pays for what they use and there are no hidden costs. To further aid customers, all processes and documentation are standardized and transparent to assist with faster internal processes when working with regulatory and legal departments.

Pilloxa has already built up a strong network of collaborators. Pharmaceutical partners include Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Sweden and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in Scandinavia, while medical research partners include the University of Oslo, Karolinska University and Hospital, as well as Danderyd Hospital. Pilloxa has also received EU innovation funding alongside investments from top Swedish investor profiles.

Together with their new product offering, Pilloxa is also launching their new brand identity as well as a new website. Their new branding includes a more refined color palette hinting at their Scandinavian heritage while still incorporating elements from their past brand. The website also now includes an interactive pricing calculator and app visualizer for customers to play around with what solution would best fit their needs and budget.

Speaking on the importance of unlocking the innovation potential in Life Science, Pilloxa CEO Francesco Mazzotta wants to remove barriers to innovation within the industry while never compromising on patient value when democratizing innovation.

“We have seen the need for innovation within the industry and the willingness of pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to facilitate change, however many blockers remain. Connecting apps with medication taking is no longer a question. It is about creating value for patients and delivering optimal health solutions. No company within healthcare will stay relevant without that. User response will be the guiding light to understand in which way to combine them on a case by case level, and the impact will be felt by all stakeholders involved within the patient journey.”

To learn more about Pilloxa’s new product offering, explore their solutions here

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