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Friday, January 27, 2023

Athos Therapeutics Announces Proteomics Research Collaboration for Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Caltech

Athos Therapeutics, Inc. (“Athos”) is a late-stage preclinical biotech company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop small molecule therapeutics for immune-mediated diseases and cancer. Athos announced today that they will be enhancing their internal omics AI platform by adding proteomics analysis in collaboration with Caltech. This collaboration will advance both the Athos platform and spectrometry-based proteomics in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Athos and Caltech will perform spectrometry-based proteomics using cultured cells and biopsies from archived and de-identified IBD patient samples. The results of the proteomics analyses will be correlated with detailed clinical information including IBD subtypes, patient age, sex, disease location, prior treatments, and status.

“We are excited to collaborate with Dr. Chou’s proteomics research team at Caltech,” said Dimitrios Iliopoulos, PhD, MBA, President & CEO of Athos. “Caltech’s proteomics facilities are state of the art allowing Athos to characterize the proteome of IBD patients, contributing to the identification of novel protein drug targets.”

“Athos Therapeutics is enthusiastic about the addition of advanced, next-generation proteomics to our existing multi-omic AI platform,” said Allan Pantuck, MD, MS, FACS, Chairman, Founder & CMO of Athos. “In Dr. Chou’s state-of-the-art facility at Caltech, we will be able to reliably identify and quantify thousands of proteins from a tissue sample in a single measurement. The addition of this large-scale proteomic analysis to our existing genomic data will allow us to more fully define disease networks, identify patient sub-types, and discover novel biomarkers and druggable therapeutic targets.”

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