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Largest Study of Brain Tumor “Keyhole” Surgery for Meningiomas

Largest Study of Brain Tumor "Keyhole" Surgery for Meningiomas | Pharmtech Focus

In a groundbreaking 13-year study, Pacific Neuroscience Institute neurosurgical and otolaryngology surgical teams demonstrated outstanding outcomes with minimally invasive keyhole surgery for the most common primary brain tumor, in the largest such keyhole cohort published to date.

The study, conducted in collaboration with Providence Saint John’s Health Center, was published in the July 28 issue of PLOS ONE. Findings demonstrate a combination of excellent tumor removal rates, lower surgical complication rates and a higher rate of functional preservation, compared to prior publications of intracranial meningioma surgery using more traditional approaches.

“Patients coming to us with brain tumors are understandably worried about their diagnoses and clinical outcomes,” said neurosurgeon Daniel Kelly, MD, PNI director and senior author of the study. “Keyhole surgery aims to limit brain exposure and manipulation, using smaller strategically placed openings without the use of brain retractors and facilitated by gravity assistance and endoscopy. These techniques, along with improved neuro-anesthesia and our growing experience, benefit our patients by allowing, in most cases, a faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and rapid return to daily activities.”


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