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Thursday, January 26, 2023

LifeOmic Deploys AI Solution With xCures to Improve Cancer Research and Treatment

LifeOmic, a software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health and wellness solutions, today announced xCures as a partner. xCures, a technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to help cancer patients and oncologists with treatment options, is applying LifeOmic’s AI-powered PrecisionOCR tool to analyze unstructured patient records to glean insights and identify potential treatments twice as fast.

Once diagnosed, patients with advanced or metastatic cancer typically have between six weeks to 16 months of life expectancy, as a result, patients are often in a race against the clock to find the right treatment. Previously, xCures manually sorted through documents, which took hours of valuable time. In order to streamline, xCures now deploys its proprietary technology with LifeOmic’s PrecisionOCR tool, a solution that uses optical character recognition and natural language processing technology to turn unstructured documents into easily digestible medical information and allows xCures’ clinical operations teams to get data to and from patients at a faster rate.

The collaboration allows xCures’ clinical teams to upload documents of all kinds, whether it is a handwritten prescription or a digital electronic health record. PrecisionOCR paired with xCures’ proprietary technology then structures the data and creates a searchable file for care teams to glean insights and extract key data. xCures’ AI engine then actively cross-references the information against a digital library of oncology data to match patients with potential treatments and predict outcomes. As a result of the partnership, xCures has been able to efficiently process more than 720,000 pages of medical records.

“Speed is critical for our patients and our work with LifeOmic’s PrecisionOCR has greatly increased the pace of our workflow,” says Bryan Federowicz, vice president of clinical operations at xCures. “From the moment xCures receives medical records for a patient, their individual treatment history, diagnosis, genomic features and imaging can be analyzed and structured into a visual cancer journey in under two hours versus the several hours it would previously take. This allows our AI to easily identify the best course of treatment and helps patients and their providers to make that decision and start their recommended therapies quickly.”

In addition to providing patients and their providers with information at an increased rate, the real world data collected by xCures using PrecisionOCR also reports back to pharmaceutical companies and other researchers and advocacy groups in an effort to accelerate learning with the ultimate goal of improving patients outcomes.

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