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Thursday, January 26, 2023

BICO’s CYTENA Signs USD 10 Million Deal to Distribute Single Cell Isolators in China to Accelerate Development of Next Generation Therapies

Today CYTENA, a BICO company, announced it has signed a 2-year deal with Applitech Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology to distribute its single cell isolators in China. The deal worth more than USD 10 million will see nearly 100 of the company’s single cell isolators including the UP.SIGHT devices be distributed in the world’s second largest life science market. The deal advances BICO’s bio convergence agenda by accelerating the development of next generation treatments including gene therapies, biosimilars, and monoclonal antibodies.

“The life science market in China is one of the most impressive in the world and we’re thrilled with this deal to be able to help researchers there accelerate their life saving work,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and co-founder of BICO. “Applitech is the perfect partner to help us grow our market share at this pivotal time.”

As one of the leading life science markets, China is a key country for BICO as it advances the global bio convergence revolution. Worth more than $210 billion in 2020, the Chinese life science market is growing at an incredible 10% year-over-year, and this deal will help CYTENA and BICO grow its share of that market. The deal includes an initial $10 million contract for nearly 100 devices from BICO’s CYTENA, with opportunity for additional sales later on. The deal aligns with a key part of BICO’s Next Generation Core Industrial Ecosystems, namely Next Generation Cell Line Development.

“CYTENA’s single cell isolators have helped researchers across the world advance cell line development research,” explained Jonas Schöndube, BICO’s Business Area Manager for Biosciences. “We’re thrilled to expand our footprint in China and help drive innovation across gene therapies, biosimilars, and monoclonal antibodies.”

For more information or to find out more about CYTENA’s single cell isolation technology, please visit www.cytena.com

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