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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Bayer Foundation Supports Scientists in Sub-saharan Africa

Bayer Foundation and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation are expanding their existing cooperation. Bayer Foundation provides EUR 3 million to fund research fellowships for doctoral and postdoctoral students and the creation of a research hub for established scientists. This will specifically support research in the fields of sustainability, health, and nutrition.

“We view science as a critical enabler for societal progress – in line with our vision of ‘Advancing Science and Social Innovation for a world with Health for all, hunger for none’,” says Dr. Monika Lessl, Executive Director of Bayer Foundation. “In cooperation with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, we want to strengthen researchers in sub-Saharan Africa to make a difference, promote progress and become the next generation of scientific leaders in their community.”

“Western science has often failed to provide solutions for the challenges that arise in sub-Saharan African, often because we don’t know which are the right questions to ask,” says Dr. Karl Collins, Director Science Program at Bayer Foundation. “Therefore, by supporting the training of young sub-Saharan African scientists, we intend to facilitate sustainable development within their own countries.”

Secretary General of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Dr. Enno Aufderheide says: “Especially with the new research hubs introduced by the Humboldt Foundation, we are putting the steering wheel in African hands. This is completely new – and the interest on the African side is huge.”

The collaboration includes three programs:

“AGNES-Bayer Science Foundation” Fellowships for PhD Students

Established in 2011, the African-German Network of Excellence in Science (AGNES) facilitates the training of young scientists in sub-Saharan Africa by linking them to the African and international Humboldt Network and promoting regional academic exchange between researchers in Africa and their collaborative partners in Germany. Through AGNES, Bayer Foundation will provide 30 fellowships between 2021 and 2027 for PhD students conducting field studies on biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture in Africa.

“Humboldt-Bayer Science Foundation” Fellowships for post-doctoral researchers

A total of up to 18 researchers across sub-Saharan Africa will be supported with fellowships in the life sciences for their post-doctoral research. They are invited to conduct scientific research in the life sciences in Germany that is relevant for the further development of their countries of origin.

“Humboldt-Bayer Science Foundation” research hub for senior scientists
In addition, Bayer Foundation will support the creation of a research hub. Alexander von Humboldt alumni who hold scientific leading positions at African universities and research institutions will be enabled to carry out long-term research concepts dealing with coping with pandemics. For this purpose, the alumni will select cooperation partners in Germany and across Africa.

Bayer and Alexander von Humboldt foundations have been working together on research fellowships since 2013: Together, 40 Humboldt-Bayer research fellowships have been awarded to excellent scientists abroad.

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