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Cryoviva Singapore Gets AABB Accreditation for Somatic Cells’ Processing, Storage, and Distribution

Cryoviva Singapore Gets AABB Accreditation for Somatic Cells' Processing, Storage, and Distribution | Pharmtech Focus

Family cord blood bank Cryoviva Singapore is pleased to announce that it has now been accredited by the Association of the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB), formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks, for both cord blood and somatic cells’ banking services. Cryoviva is the first family cord blood bank in Singapore to get accredited by AABB for Somatic Cells’ processing, storage, and distribution.

The company had already been accredited by AABB previously for Cord blood collection, storage, processing and distribution, an accreditation that has been successfully extended until September 30, 2023.

The news of the AABB accreditation for both cord blood and somatic cells’ services closely follows Cryoviva’s recent expansions into the Middle East. The company is now serving families in the UAE and Bahrain, enabling them to store their baby’s precious umbilical cord blood at Cryoviva’s world-class facilities in Singapore.

“We are indeed proud to get the AABB accreditations and being the first private cord blood bank to get it for somatic cells’ processing, storage and distribution. It has been our constant endeavour to offer families the greatest opportunities to benefit from the potential of umbilical cord stem cells,” said Rajesh Nair, CEO of Cryoviva Singapore. “Cord tissue storage- in addition to cord blood banking- is a significant step in this regard, which we believe will benefit a lot more families. We will continue to invest in the right technologies, processes and people to ensure we offer the very best service to our valued customers.”

“Since commencing our operations in Singapore 7 years ago, Cryoviva has made rapid progress in establishing itself in the family cord blood space. This is another important milestone for us. Besides the company’s management and investors, our team of medical experts and lab staff deserve credit for their commitment to quality and excellence,” said Dr.Toh Keng Kiat, Medical Director of Cryoviva Singapore and a reputed haematologist.


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