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Viome is the first company to offer wellness as a service. We apply artificial intelligence to complex biological data to provide personalized recommendations for healthy living.

By joining Viome, you are joining a revolutionary movement. A movement that – for the first time in human history – will make becoming ill a matter of choice, and not simply bad luck.

Research now shows that humans are made up of more microbes than human cells. This discovery opens up possibilities for health and wellness that most have never considered. What if the best we feel on a given day now is only the beginning of how great our health can be? What if we are currently experiencing the lowest energy levels that are humanly possible? What if today’s average human life expectancy of 78.8 is just the start?

This is what sparked the idea of Viome.

Viome scientists have worked for over a decade to develop technology that offers unprecedented visibility into your body. With this, we can create a unique profile of the biochemistry and ecosystem inside of you, and make personalized, actionable, and adaptive recommendations for your health.

Viome is not just a one-time test, but your true health companion. It adapts its recommendations to your changing ecosystem by examining it regularly, so you are always aware and taking action towards maximizing your vitality and lifespan.

The Viome team is made up of scientists, engineers, designers and business leaders who are passionate about radically improving the wellness of our customers.

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