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Provepharm Life Solutions


Provepharm Life Solutions

Provepharm is an affiliated company of the privately-held Provence Technologies Group, devoted to :

• Develop and market drugs made from pharmaceutical active substances (or API) synthesized and patented by its parent company, and
• Licence and market such API to third parties, for human health applications.

Provepharm’s expertise is stemming from experienced managers coming from the international pharmaceutical & medical device industries and enthusiastic project managers focusing on rewarding results.

The team thinks and acts differently in a streamlined organisation with fast decision-making; skills are geared to manage agile processes involving outsourced operations at CROs and CMOs with world-class recognition.
Provepharm recognized the pharmaceutical industry interest to explore known API in new indications and the need for such compounds at quality levels matching ever-increasing technical and regulatory requirements in a changing global world.

Methylene Blue is the first compound which went through such a complete and innovative revamping, from active substance clean chemical synthesis to pharmaceutical R&D and European regulatory recognition in less than three years.

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