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CN Bio


CN Bio

CN Bio Innovations is a pioneer in the development of Organ-on-Chip platforms which enable the discovery of better, safer medicines for serious human diseases.

Our advantage comes from having had almost unparalleled resources to invest in the development of leading edge organ-chips thanks to more than $32 Million in grants and contracts from DARPA, NIH, EU FP7, Innovate UK and NC3Rs.

These programs have led to the development of a 7-organ human body-on-a-chip model (DARPA), a liver-on-a-chip model of cancer metastasis (NIH), a full viral lifecycle organ-chip model of hepatitis B and a liver-on-a-chip model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and steatohepatitis (NAFLD/NASH).

CN Bio is at the forefront of translating these promising technologies from leading academic laboratories into the hands of pharmaceutical researchers for the development of new medicines to treat and cure disease, and to the wider academic community seeking to understand biology and disease pathology using technologies which more closely represent the human response.

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