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Annovis Bio


Annovis Bio

Annovis Bio, Inc.’s novel approach to addressing chronic and acute neurodegeneration offers new hope in the fight against the largest unmet need of an aging population. Annovis is a clinical stage, drug platform company focused primarily on drugs for chronic neurodegeneration—AD, its orphan indication AD-DS and PD. Additionally, we have a compound to treat acute neurodegeneration—traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke—and a third compound for advanced AD.

Our lead compound is ANVS-401, a small, once a day, orally administered, brain penetrant inhibitor of neurotoxic proteins.
We believe that ANVS-401 has the potential to be the first drug to interfere with the underlying mechanism of neurodegeneration. The biological activity of ANVS-401 has been evaluated in 19 animal studies conducted in leading institutions such as the Karolinska Institute, Columbia University and Harvard University. We have also conducted three clinical trials with 125 humans including two safety studies in 120 healthy volunteers and a proof-of-concept study in five MCI patients. These studies showed that ANVS-401 was well tolerated and we saw promising clinical signals: ANVS-401 reduced and normalized the levels of APP, tau and aSYN (aSYN is an unpublished observation), – neurotoxic proteins that are the main cause of neurodegeneration — back to the levels seen in healthy volunteers and statistically lowered inflammation.

We are presently conducting a Phase 2a study in AD patients in collaboration with the Alzheimer Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) group and plan to initiate a second Phase 2a proof-of-concept study of ANVS-401 in the first quarter of 2020 with 50 PD patients.

We believe AD and PD are two of the largest medical needs of the aging U.S. population, and two potentially large markets, once a DMD has been developed and approved. Therefore, we desire to demonstrate ANVS-401’s efficacy in both indications.