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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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AdBio partners

About AdBio partners

AdBio partners

AdBio partners focuses on ground-breaking innovations in Life Sciences to address unmet medical and clinical needs, building the next generation of pioneering healthcare companies. Keeping in mind patients’ well-being, we believe in improving medical care and taking medical innovations further ahead. We work with leading research institutions and well-established technology transfer offices, with a strong network of scientific and medical partners, exploring new territories to source breakthrough medical discoveries and drive inventive Life Sciences start-ups to success. We embrace French Life Sciences’ dynamic of innovation. France harbors a vibrant environment for medical and scientific investigation, with some of the most leading-edge academic and research centers. Adbio partners seizes the opportunity to highlight their undervalued research programs and assets and participate in structuring France’s biotechnology ecosystem. With Adbio partners was founded in 2015 and is AMF regulated since 2016.

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