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CELLTREAT Acquires VistaLab Technologies

CELLTREAT Acquires VistaLab Technologies | Pharmtech Focus

CELLTREAT® Scientific Products (“CELLTREAT”) and VistaLab™ Technologies (“VistaLab”) today announced the execution of a definitive agreement under which CELLTREAT has agreed to acquire VistaLab. The acquisition enables CELLTREAT to establish a single, enhanced source for high-quality laboratory products with an expanded distribution network. Both companies have well respected brands and trademarks in the lab supply industry, including but not limited to Celltreat, VistaLab, MLA™, Ovation®, Plasteur®, Wobble-not™, and ali-Q™.

“We see this acquisition as an opportunity to blend the strengths of two industry leaders and could not be more pleased to be bringing VistaLab’s innovative design capabilities to the CELLTREAT family of products,” said Rich Happell, President of CELLTREAT. “We look forward to providing labs with even more solutions to advance their research, and we know CELLTREAT customers will welcome the opportunity to learn more about the products from VistaLab.”

In addition to facilitating faster turnaround times and a higher level of stock, the acquisition will enable further product development and innovation. The pipettes that aspirate and dispense fluid, and the various products from which they transfer fluid, are generally provided by different companies. By looking at these products as a system, CELLTREAT and VistaLab will be able to design new products that significantly improve productivity, workflow, and ergonomics on the lab bench.

“CELLTREAT and VistaLab Technologies share the same high standards of quality, service, and value,” said Dick Scordato, CEO of VistaLab. “By joining forces, we will be able to further innovation in the industry, and provide better offerings, distribution, and support to the laboratory research market. We see this as a win-win for both companies, for our mutual customers, and in the long run, for the market overall.”

For the foreseeable future, both companies will continue to operate independently as they work to identify areas for increased collaboration.


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