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APATICS Appoints New CEO

APATICS Appoints New CEO | Pharmtech Focus

APATICS, Inc. announced that co-founder, CEO and Chairman of APATICS Inc., Dimitri Arges, has stepped down to pursue other interests. Clay Wilemon has been appointed as CEO effective immediately.

Mr. Arges played an instrumental role in shaping product strategy, development and commercial readiness at APATICS over the last five years. This work included establishing important business and innovation partnerships for the Company.  Mr. Arges states, “I am thrilled to see APATICS’ patented technology enter commercialization and address two of the biggest problems in the United States healthcare system: 1) Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) and 2) issues with provider data accuracy, integrity and management. FWA is a $700 billion dollar drain on the healthcare system that is preventable with APATICS’ patented AI solutions that address FWA from both a claims and provider level in real-time. Provider data management and credentialing is a $5 billion dollar cost to the health system that can be dramatically reduced with APATICS’ automated, continuous-credentialing capability.”

Mr. Wilemon is an investor in APATICS and has served as President and Chief Commercial Officer since August 2021.  Mr. Wilemon brings a wealth of healthcare industry experience and commercialization success to the company. He has helped to define and launch over 500 new healthcare brands in the United States and around the world.


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